Proven Strategies to Prevent, Manage and Reduce the Pain of Arthritis - Naturally!
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Arthritis Relief

Easy Home-Based Arthritis Relief Techniques You Can Use

You don’t have to live with the pain of arthritis, there are many ways to get arthritis relief. There are some easy steps you can take to reduce, and perhaps even eliminate, the pain of arthritis. These include:

  • Having a positive mental attitude and pleasant thoughts
  • Performing exercises that increase joint mobility and function, such as water aerobics and swimming
  • Doing relaxation exercises and meditation
  • Eating an alkaline diet (i.e. not acidic foods such as tomatoes, red meat and oranges)
  • Having a massage or spa
  • Applying hot and cold compresses
  • Listening to music for relaxation and joy
  • Staying within your ideal weight range.

There are also ways to help reduce the pressure or workload of the spine and joints.

  • Use larger or stronger joints to carry things.
  • Lift smaller loads when lifting or carrying.
  • Use kitchen devices that will make your work easier, such as rubber jar openers.
  • Have bars and handrails in the bathroom.


If you follow these suggestions, you may begin to feel less pain in a short period of time. Sign up for our free training for more ways to get lasting arthritis relief.

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