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Is there a natural arthritis cure?

The Concise Oxford dictionary defines cure as, restore to health; remedy; course of medical or other treatment, success with. Generally speaking, people also feel a cure relates to relieving a person (or animal) of the symptoms of a disease or condition and is also viewed as a means of healing or regaining health.

By these definitions there must be a cure for arthritis, as there are many people who have experienced symptomatic relief and been restored to health, overcoming suffering from arthritis. Equally, many of these people have achieved these using natural treatment methods, thereby providing natural cures.

While this is promising and a positive position for arthritis sufferers, I want to go deeper than the implication that there is an arthritis cure.

If a cure is being restored to health, then what is it that does the restoration? What cures disease or relieves symptoms when present in the body?

The answer is the bodys own healing potential.

If you have a cut, it heals. If you get a cold or a flu, it heals. Strains, sprains and bruises, they all heal. How to they heal? Your immune system, through the innate intelligence of your body does the healing.

And what is innate intelligence? It is the same inborn wisdom that causes your heart to beat without you thinking about it or for you to breathe while you sleep. You have an inborn intelligence that sustains you this same intelligence governs your healing.

However, things get in the way of innate intelligence and interrupt your bodys ability to heal. If you can remove this interference, you can help your body to heal and this is the one and only true arthritis cure (and for any condition for that matter). But it does exist. It can be achieved. And it is all natural.

Natural treatments, like chiropractic, massage and acupuncture, in addition to natural remedies such as herbs, nutritional supplements all remove interference to the innate intelligence of the body and support healing. Eliminating poor lifestyle choices and making better choices, such as a healthy diet, rest and relaxation as we all as exercise, also remove interference and facilitate healing. These are natural cures for arthritis.

They are natural, because they are neither foreign to the body nor artificial in their make-up. They are cures because they trigger or facilitate healing and restoration. By definition, they are a natural arthritis cure.

If the body can heal colds and flus, strains and breaks why not arthritis? And the answer is it can! There is an arthritis cure and it is within you. It is your immune system and the innate intelligence of your body.

Were not talking about some hyped miracle cure or temporary relief. Were not talking about symptomatic relief through pharmaceutical mediations.A natural arthritis cure is possible when we add to the body the bodys own healing potential and the healing potential of the body is activated or enhanced when healthy lifestyle choices are made and natural treatment approaches are utilised.

So, is there a cure for arthritis? YES! And that healing power your arthritis cure is within you.

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