Proven Strategies to Prevent, Manage and Reduce the Pain of Arthritis - Naturally!
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The Arthritis Solution

Dont put up with the pain of arthritis.

If you want less pain, more mobility and a greater quality of life the Arthritis Solution offers breakthrough strategies to reduce the pain of arthritis. Simply put, this is a cutting edge “Arthritis Help” resource.

Conventional Western medicine has long told us that arthritis is a progressive, degenerative condition that little can be done about, short of taking painkilling medication.

In The Arthritis Solution, you will find that this is not necessarily the case. There is an alternative.

Wellness practitioner and chiropractor, Dr Marcus Chacos tells us how natural therapies can stimulate the bodys innate healing power to reduce, and even reverse, the debilitating effects of arthritis.

This book also looks at some of the many forms of arthritis and their causes and symptoms, then discusses natural, drug-free treatments from diet and exercise through to therapies such as chiropractic, homeopathy, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, even yoga and meditation.

If you or a loved one suffer from arthritis and are tired of putting up with the pain and reduced quality of life that this condition brings, The Arthritis Solution will show you that it doesn t have to be this way.

There are effective and life-changing options available.

The “Do It Yourself Arthritis Solution Proven Healthcare System

At the Natural Treatment of Arthritis Institute we understand people are looking for answers. They want real and lasting solutions most importantly, they want hope!

The Arthritis Solution book offers the information and education you need to begin your health journey through arthritis. However, many people need more. They need guidance, coaching and support. They need a clear direction and someone to help them through the minefield of information on arthritis and often a helping hand with what to do to manage their condition.

For this reason, if you need arthritis help, we’ve created the “Do It Yourself Arthritis Solution Proven Healthcare System where we hold your hand and help you through the process of change and healing. Simply click on the link on the right hand side of this page (below the link to purchase the Arthritis Solution book) to overview the program.

What people are saying about The Arthritis Solution:

“Due to a feeling of unhappiness with previous practitioners I came to INT to have my lower back problems treated. My spine was in such a way that I could throw it out by sneezing. This was debilitating and I spent weeks in bed. X-rays revealed discs were compressed in my lower back. The diagnosis of osteoarthritis was horrifying. I began treatment at INT, making changes to my mental outlook, diet and exercise habits. 12 months later and I feel 100% improved. I know arthritis can be healed, you ve got to get your mind in the right place and improvement follows.”

– Ric Bennett

“I came to INT for treatment of what I thought was medium level wear and tear on my spine. X-rays revealed distinct alignment issues and compression of the discs. The lifestyle changes undertaken during the care plan helped me accelerate my healing and I am no longer taking any painkillers. Degenerative injury can be reversed. With changes to the mindset and lifestyle anything can be healed. Anyone living in this kind of pain should try a total change… keep an open mind and give it a chance.”

– Paul Thompson

“I came to the clinic [INT] to find a natural way to deal with arthritis is my neck, hip and knees. My Xrays showed degeneration and I took up a Care Plan at INT. 12 months later and I feel healthier, fitter and I sleep better. My latest X-rays show improvement in the definition of my discs and the curve of my spine is improved. Arthritis can definitely be healed. The care program has affected who I am as a person, I feel more alive that I have in years. If you are in a similar situation “go for it.”

– Kristy Hansen

“I presented to INT with pins and needles in my fingers and lower arms. X-rays showed that I had degeneration in my neck and lumbar region. I took up a care plan involving changes to diet, exercise and relaxation. My review X-rays showed no sign at all of the degeneration that brought me to the clinic. The body can heal itself. Marcus really helped me out and it is worth trying.”
– David Watson

“I am an aged person with Rheumatoid Arthritis. The best relief I get is from a visit to INT Chiropractic. Even my cough and chest infection healed after Chiropractic care from Marcus.”

– Pat Isaacson

“I haven t had this type of relief for forever. At least fifteen years or more My hurting back is as good as it has ever been.”

– Michael Trushell

“I m feeling good, the healthiest I ve been in a long time. Most of my aches and pains are gone. My joints: elbows, knees and hands, all used to ache and were stiff “that s all disappeared now. Plus I m losing weight and I m not getting sick.”

– Philip Lemon

“Sometimes in your life, you come across someone who has a true calling and amazing talent for what they do – Marcus Chacos is such a person. A number of members of our family have had treatments with Marcus, including our young granddaughter.

Marcus has the ability to be with each of us, child and adult, and relate to our situations in a way that is uniquely appropriate to each of us. He is able to expand beyond the traditional paradigm, and help us see ourselves in a way that is extremely insightful and potentially life changing. He has given us tools to improve our wellbeing on all levels.”

– Marg Simon