Proven Strategies to Prevent, Manage and Reduce the Pain of Arthritis - Naturally!
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The Do It Yourself Arthritis Solution Proven Health Care System

Do you or someone you know have arthritis?
Have you been looking for a solution to arthritis pain and suffering?
Are you looking for a proven way to enhance and improve your health and quality of life?

The Do It Yourself Arthritis Solution Proven Healthcare System provides a step-by-step blueprint of what you need to know, the actions you need to take and the support youll need to successfully and effectively prevent, manage and reduce the pain of arthritis naturally!

In this 12-month training program for the Arthritis Solution, you will receive:

  1. A PDF copy of the book, The Arthritis Solution, by Dr. Marcus Chacos, Chiropractor value $9.99
  2. 26 online training videos delivered personally by Dr. Marcus Chacos to provide you everything youll need to know about arthritis as well as teaching you what to do to help you to effectively prevent, manage and reduce the pain of arthritis naturally!

These videos will cover in detail:

  • A walkthrough of each of the sections of the book The Arthritis Solution
  • Training on the key treatment approaches that will give you best results with effectively alleviating the pain of arthritis
  • Training on the Principles of the Lifestyle Transformational Paradigm in which Dr Chacos will detail the 7 areas of healing required for health transformation
  • Training on the key lifestyle change areas of exercise for arthritis, diet and nutrition (incl. supplements that actually work) that dramatically help with arthritis pain as well as providing life changing tools for emotional wellbeing
  • A step-by-step guide detailing what to do, how to do it and everything you need to know to effectively prevent, manage and reduce the pain of arthritis naturally! and much, much more

When you consider that a 10 minute consultation with Dr Chacos is $65 and that he often charges $97 for his presentations to get over 15 hours of personalised training and health coaching by a leading expert in the field of arthritis you can see this program could easily be valued at $4000. In fact, clients who attend Dr Chacos 12 month treatment programs DO invest over $4,880.00 to attend.

value $4000

3. Monthly question and answer webinars to troubleshoot, gain support and have all of your questions answered to ensure the successful implementation of your program.
value $120

4. 1x 15-minute phone consultation with Dr Marcus Chacos to personalise and tailor the online experience and get you the best results.
value $95

5. Bonuses:
Three special webinars, including:

i) How to Get an Accurate Diagnosis
ii) Assessing progress and maintaining momentum with your education and treatment program.
iii) Biomarkers: The key to reversing biological aging.
value $97 each

The total value of this program is well over $4,500. However, because we can deliver it online and as part of a group training we are, for a limited time, offering this program for $397.

There is tremendous value is in the information you will receive as well as the results you will achieve. You will learn how to exercise for arthritis, what to eat to reduce, if not eliminate your arthritis pain, as well as how to find emotional and mental strength that can create amazing arthritis pain relief That’s why we guarantee our program.

guarantee-symbolOur guarantee to you:
This program comes with an unconditional No ifs. No buts. No questions asked
money-back guarantee. If, after 30 days, you do not believe this program is for you, simply email us for a complete refund its as simple as that.


Be quick! We can only accommodate a limited number of clients and the fee for this will be going up the next time this program is delivered.

Yours in health,

Dr Marcus Chacos, Chiropractor
Founder, the Natural Treatment of Arthritis Institute
Author of The Arthritis Solution

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Due to a feeling of unhappiness with previous practitioners I came to INT to have my lower back problems treated. My spine was in such a way that I could

Take a moment to watch this short video where I briefly explain the DIY Arthritis Solution program.
Watch this video for a detailed overview of the DIY Arthritis Solution program.