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Understanding Arthritis Pain

Understanding Arthritic Pain

If you have arthritis, living with the pain can be hard. When you are experiencing pain, you are almost exclusively focused on finding relief from that pain. Before you go to the medicine cabinet and take medication, it would be a good idea to learn about arthritic pain and why it happens. The more you learn about arthritic pain, the more you’ll be able to find the best remedy to reduce it, if not eliminate it entirely.

Pain is the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. When you injure a part of your body, the nerves in that area release chemical signals that travel to the brain to warn you that damage or injury has occurred at that location. The pain associated with arthritis is often the nerves telling you that there is damage affecting the tissues of the body. This could be from inflammation within the connective tissue or the cartilage, it could be from bone erosion in progressive arthritis, or it could be due to bone spurs from degenerating bone irritating a nerve.

You may also experience emotional and mental issues as a result of arthritic pain. Feeling debilitated and being forced to do less than you are accustomed to, in addition to being in pain for long periods of time, can affect you emotionally and reduces your tolerance and ability to focus or concentrate.

The body is a self-regulating organism and will endeavour to stop these pain signals by creating chemicals that help to block them. These chemicals are referred to as endorphins. They are the body s natural upper . Being aware of how to create the emotional and mental states that produce endorphins can be very useful in limiting the pain of arthritis both physically and emotionally.

When you can understand arthritic pain and what causes it, you stand a better chance of getting the treatment you need to help remove or limit that pain so you can return to better quality living. However, before you look for a solution to the pain, you need to know what type of arthritis you have. This will ultimately determine what kind of treatment you will need.

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